The Band

Blake Hatrison
A.K.A. "B-Boy"

As the guitarist and elder member of 'The H-Boyz', Blake is responsible for the band's signature sound, which remains a fundamental road block to their success. Blake's addictions range from nicotine to bottom shelf bourbon and black tar heroine. His hobbies include needlepoint and sex with anonymous prostitutes.

Clay Hatrison
A.K.A. "Demon Son"

As the lead singer of 'The H-Boyz', Clay serves as "the figurehead of hate" for the band. The subject matter of his lyrics involve illicit sex, illicit drug use and...well, that's about it. Clay has an ego that dwarfs is actual level of talent, and a percolating rage that far exceeds his physical stature. Because of this, most of 'The H-Boyz' gigs end in violence and arrest.

Reginald Randy
A.K.A. "Retard" Randy

Randy serves as the percussionist, DJ, unofficial manager, perpetual designated driver and general target of abuse for 'The H-Boyz'. As the most talented and pivotal member of the band, his unwelcome nickname of "Retard" Randy remains as inexplicable as his desire to remain in the band.

Regina Müenster
A.K.A. "The R'monster"

Regina is Blake and Clay's landlord and the arch nemesis of the band, extorting drugs, and most often, sexual favors from the brothers. Her appetite for groceries is exceeded only by her love of gut-wrenching orgasms. In a society where body-shaming and slut-shaming are considered unfashionable, Regina enjoys a shameless life.