Welcome to the 'The H-Boyz'

Greetings, Addicts! You've reached the digital domain of Rock 'n Roll's sickest duo - THE H-BOYZ! Blake and Clay Hatrison blend the most outrageous UNDERGROUND COMIX and the loudest ear-blasting TUNES to create a project of unrelenting death rock mayhem!



The H-Boyz are unapologetic, uncompromising, unwashed and unrelenting. Their music is as raw and ugly as the brothers themselves. It's a creativity birthed from the pure, raw, hateful desire to bludgeon their audience with audacious, crushing riffs.

See 'The H-Boyz' on Tour!

This summer, the scandalous group known as 'The H-Boyz' are hitting the road for a full-blown U.S. tour!

Experience the tumultuous maelstrom of unhinged chaos that is 'The H-Boyz' LIVE! Prepare yourself, Addicts!

MAY 6th - Terminus, GA (Canceled due to incarceration)

JUNE 15th - Feltch, NC (Canceled due to dope sickness)

JULY 29th - Spitswallow, AL (Canceled due to pending warrants)

SEPTEMBER 30th - Chumbottom, SC (Canceled due to multiple contusions)